Tuesday, 9 September 2014


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Prince Sponge bob loved Princess kiana.  When Princess Kiana was singing to the mirror Prince Sponge bob was spying in  the window.   Prince Spongebob can not see Princess Kiana so Prince Spongebob he grabbed the magnifying glass so he can see proppy.  Prince Charming walked past Prince Spongebob and Prince Charming sand wot a you doing Prince Spongebob i am going for a walk ok dot spy on my Princess Prince  Spongebob you are redcls ok.       
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Prince Charming was arguing with Prince Spongebob and Princess Kiana and Princess Fiona sand why a use arguing Prince charming and Prince Spongebob.  Prince Spongebob sand who is your friend my friend is Princess Fiona she looks like you Princess Kiana.   
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Princess Kiana and Prince Charming got married together and Princess Fiona live happily ever after in a palace.  And then  Princess Kiana and Prince Charming and Princess Fiona and Prince Spongebob had children.       

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