Friday, 16 May 2014

BIO Poem

crazy,game freak and
son of Sharlein and Crash
likes to ride scooters,ride bikes and bull rush
Sometimes feels scared,shy and happy
is afraid of zombies,ghosts and homework
is good at scooter
wants the world to change to zombie land and wants to be rich
lives in kaikohe
thinks koura is the best


  1. Room 17 Panui Class20 May 2014 at 11:13

    WOW Toa, that is a wonderful poem. We think that it is great that you think koura is the best, but there is no discussion that we all think TUNA is the best!!! We think you were really clever saying that you are afraid of homework, cause we are too! We also think it is cool that you want to be rich and change the world to zombieland! Next time you do some writing don't forget to use full stops and capital letters. Well done Toa!

  2. Toa your Bio poem is really cool but you are just forgetting your capital letters. From Konrad, the boy that plays rugby against you.